Eugene Laverty was looking on the positive side following his fall, and subsequent fight back, during the latest round of the World Supersport Championship at Donington Park.

The Parkalgar Honda rider has slipped 28 points behind eventual winner Cal Crutchlow in the overall standings after falling on the exit of the Melbourne Hairpin.

Getting himself back on the bike, albeit in last place, Laverty launched an outstanding fight back to clamber his way back into contention, eventually crossing the line in fifth position to score a potentially crucial eleven points on a day when he could have come away with nothing.

Indeed, while Laverty was disappointed with the outcome, he was pleased to have shown his fighting spirit to ease the damage.

"My Parkalgar Honda's rear wheel spun up, came round and I slid off. This was a problem we found yesterday in practice and thought we had cured it but the temperatures are different today and that might have made the difference.

"I got back on and gave it my all to get back in the points from 26th. There were a lot of yellow flags and after passing people I had to let them go through again before taking the position back which made it tough.

"I am now 28-points behind Cal in the Championship but that's a lot better than recording a DNF. Donington Park hasn't been kind to us but it could have been a lot worse."