Michel Fabrizio has conceded that he needs to 'stay calmer' under pressure after being held responsible for taking down himself and Ben Spies in a first race accident at Brno.

Fabrizio was challenging the American for the lead of the race on lap four when he attempted to slip inside at the final corner complex.

However, he wasn't far enough alongside the Yamaha when the front-end folded beneath him, Fabrizio's loose Ducati Xerox proceeding to eliminate both himself and Spies from the race.

With Spies venting his frustration in the aftermath of the accident, Fabrizio was startlingly frank about the situation, chastising himself for causing the accident.

"I am very sorry for what happened in race one," he said. "It was my fault, I need to stay calmer, what more can I say? Before the crash I saw that Ben was breaking early at that point of the track, so I thought I could get past him there. We're fighting for a world title so I am angry with myself but at least neither of us were badly hurt.

Fabrizio went some way to make amends in race two with a run to third position, although his race one faux pas means he is 53 points adrift now with eight races remaining.

"We made up for it to some extent in race 2, Ben more than me. I did all I could to stay with Ben and Max but they were too fast today; in fact the pace of the Aprilia, still in the development phase, is a bit scary with a view to next season. Anyway, I hold the third position overall and after the summer break I'll continue with the fight for the title."