An unusual 'difference of opinion' between Max Neukirchner and his Alstare Suzuki team has been playing out on the internet.

On Monday, a story was posted on Neukirchner's official website stating that the German "underwent a final medical checkup in the hospital in Chemnitz. The purpose of this complete checkup was to document the state of health and healing process as well as to rule out any circulating rumours."

The 'rumours' are thought to be questions raised over when, and even if, Neukirchner's injuries will allow the two-time WSBK race winner to return.

"After the investigation the doctors attested that Max can take part in the upcoming tests in Portimao starting on October 26th 2009 without medical doubts. The attending doctors are totally satisfied with the healing process of the injuries," the statement added.

A quote from Neukirchner then declared: "I am glad about the result of the checkup, because this is exactly reflecting my own feeling. Now I will brace myself straight for my comeback within the remaining weeks."

However, the news of his imminent track return - after breaking his leg at Monza in May and then fracturing vertebrae in an testing accident shortly before his scheduled return to the series in July - came as a shock to Alstare.

"We were surprised to read, on his website, that Max Neukirchner will be able (and be allowed) to participate in the Portimao tests on October 26," said a Wednesday posting on the Alstare website.

"At a medical check-up in Imola recently, doctors Costa, Corbascio and neuro-surgeon Professor Bollini all declared that they would not take responsibility for allowing Max to ride a bike again this year.

"They added that Max's recovery time should be somewhere between four and six months and that, only after this period, would they be able to give their opinion about Max's health and his ability to start training and competing again."

Karl Muggeridge has been replacing Neukirchner during his absence, with Leon Haslam is tipped to join Alstare for 2010. However, with Yukio Kagayama unlikely to remain, Neukirchner is expected to ride alongside the Englishman.