Reitwagen Motorsport has made its first public appearance after taking to the track in Australia with its riders - albeit on a road bike.

Both Andrew Pitt and Roland Resch were present to ride the BMW S1000RR at Eastern Creek, enabling them to sample the base of the bike they will ride in this season's World Superbike Championship.

Participating on a public ride day and sharing the circuit with up to 160 other riders, Pitt played down the test, insisting it was merely an introduction before getting his hands on the race bike for the first time at the same circuit in early February.

"It was not really a test, just riding the road bike on a public ride day with 160 riders there, split in four groups," he said. "Roland and I shared the same bike and it was just a chance to ride the BMW for the first time and to give Roland a chance to learn the track."

"The speed and acceleration of the engine was very impressive for a standard bike and the standard gearbox was also very smooth and precise. It was like a race gearbox, or better. The bike does what you want it to do. They have done a great job on the standard bike for sure."

Despite the modest specifications of the bike, running on treaded rubber, Pitt set an unofficial best lap of approximately 1min 36secs.


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