Both Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio are hoping a further test at Valencia this week will help them find the pace they feel was missing from their first 2010 outing at Portimao.

The 2009 manufacturer title winners produced a relatively low-key display over the course of the three days, with neither Haga nor Fabrizio getting close to pace setters Jonathan Rea and Leon Haslam.

Indeed, both riders weren't entirely satisfied with their performance, with 2009 runner-up Haga hoping a trip to Spain this week will see an improvement.

"We got in a lot more track time on day three, and the weather held thankfully. In the morning I had a fairly good feeling on my bike and was able to record some consistently fast laps but then in the afternoon, even though we didn't make many changes between the sessions, I found it harder to improve. It seems like it was the day of the four cylinders!

"Having said this, these days were definitely useful after the long break over winter. We have worked well as a team and now we go straight on to Valencia to continue with the work."

Of the two, Fabrizio was the quickest Ducati Xerox rider, the Italian ending the test with the fifth fastest lap time overall. Even so, the Italian - who has been suffering with flu over the weekend - was frustrated with the bike's lack of set-up sensitivity.

"Today wasn't an easy day, despite the fact that the weather stayed dry. I don't know why but I just didn't find the right feeling. We tried three different tyres and we also changed the clutch but I couldn't really feel the differences in riding the bike.

"Maybe we needed more track time in order to solve the problem. I hoped to go faster but we're remaining positive; we'll see if we can make further improvements at Valencia this week."

New Ducati Xerox manager Ernesto Marinelli was also slightly baffled by the team's relatively average pace, but maintains it can often take time to regain momentum after a lengthy break.

"In the last three days we have started the work that we will continue for a year, we have seen some changes of personnel and the team is responding well. This first test didn't give us exactly the results we were hoping for but the long break away from the track and the difficult conditions yesterday certainly didn't help.

"Now the team travels directly to Valencia where we will carry out two more days worth of important testing; it will be a hard-fought championship but we are ready to give it our all."

Michel Fabrizio's Portimao test card

Friday AM: 1min 43.885s - 6th Friday PM: 1min 43.711s - 8th Saturday AM: (wet) Did Not Participate Saturday PM: (wet) 1min 55.094s - 14th Sunday AM: 1min 43.675s - 4th Sunday PM: 1min 43.137s - 4th

Overall: 1min 43.137s - 5th

Noriyuki Haga's Portimao test card

Friday AM: 1min 43.628s - 5th Friday PM: 1min 43.574s - 7th Saturday AM: (wet) Did Not Participate Saturday PM: (wet) 1min 51.167s - 6th Sunday AM: 1min 43.657s - 3rd Sunday PM: 1min 43.417s - 7th

Overall: 1min 43.417s- 8th