A closer look at the final lap of the second World Superbike race reveals that Carlos Checa was on course to beat Noriyuki Haga to victory - until the very final sector...

With the race results to be decided on aggregate, Haga and Checa were racing for position on the timesheets, rather than on the circuit, and when the pair entered the final lap just +0.120secs apart - in Haga's favour - it was difficult to pull them apart.

With five splits covering the final lap, the advantage swung between the two riders continuously before Checa eked ahead by reaching sector five 0.249secs quicker than Haga - thus putting him ahead overall by 0.129secs.

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However, Haga dug deep over the 25secs sector, so pulled back the margin to ensure that Checa was only 0.095secs quicker over the lap as a whole - and therefore 0.025secs behind on aggregate.

Lap 23 Analysis (Final column charts aggregate gap between Haga and Checa over the 5 sectors)

Sector 1 - Haga 2.923s Checa 2.909s +0.106s Sector 2 - Haga 18.797s Checa 18.679s -0.012s Sector 3 - Haga 25.660s Checa 25.709s +0.037s Sector 4 - Haga 22.658s Checa 22.492s -0.129s Sector 5 - Haga 25.690s Checa 25.744s +0.025s