Troy Corser has criticised the condition of the Kyalami track surface, claiming it isn't 'clean enough'.

The Australian, who was fourth fastest at the end of Q1, says a painted 'rubber conveyer belt' is causing problems for him at turn one because it moves when he crosses it.

Furthermore, Corser was unimpressed by the lack of co-operation he got from an FIM safety representative, claiming he 'didn't care' about the former champion's opinion.

"For me, the track is not clean enough and there is a also a particular problem going towards turn one," said the BMW rider. "What looks like a red and white ripple strip is actually a rubber conveyor belt that has been painted red and white. And because it is not asphalt, it moves around a bit when you go across it.

"I went up to the FIM safety guy and spoke to him about it and about the track not being clean and he told me that he thought the track was clean enough and that he didn't care what I thought! I wasn't the only rider to talk to him about these two matters, but he didn't seem to care what we thought.

"The least he should have done was to make another inspection (with a couple of riders), instead of just ignoring us. All we were asking was to be treated professionally - nothing more."