Troy Corser has revealed that stretched ligaments in his collarbone were the reason for him having to withdraw from the latest World Superbike round at Brno.

Corser crashed during Q1 on Friday, the Australian being impacted in the chest by his BMW during the high-side, thus prompting a visit to the local hospital.

Although he was discharged with no serious injuries, Corser decided to favour caution and sit out the event.

"The doctors in the hospital were very pleased with my rate of recovery overnight and so there was no reason for me to stay in another day," he said. "All my stats were fine and I felt pretty good, apart from my upper chest area which took the brunt of the impact with the bike.

"I remember everything about the crash, even though it was a pretty heavy one. I high-sided and went up in the air as far as I could go whilst still holding onto the bars! All my safety equipment - helmet, boots and gloves all did their job and I probably would've walked away from the crash if it hadn't been for the bike hitting me.

"I had some checks at the Clinica Mobile at the track and then went to hospital really more as a precaution. There I had further X-rays and a CT scan and everything was fine. As I said, the only real damage was to the ligaments to my collarbones. They were stretched and, because of that, I couldn't ride today.

"Mentally, I'm absolutely fine. My head is completely clear and I have no fuzziness at all. If it wasn't for the upper chest problem, I might have been able to ride today. Now though, I've got some time before Silverstone to recover properly and get fully fit.

"I know that I have been lucky in one way, but I also know that my relative lack of injury and my quick recovery time is all down to the fact that my physical condition and fitness level is very good. If I had not been so fit, I'm sure that the damage would've been greater and my recovery time would be longer.

"It was a bit strange watching from the other side of the armco this afternoon and I hope that is the only time I have to do it this season! I prefer to be on my bike, on the track. I will get straight back into training as soon as I can and then get ready for Silverstone - and another podium."