While Ducati maintains a desire to focus on its production models is the main impetus to withdraw from the World Superbike Championship, it suggests its continued dissatisfaction with the regulations are also factors in its decision.

Ducati will not participate in the World Superbike Championship as a factory-backed entity in 2011 due changes in its marketing strategy to focus on road-based models.

However, the official document that confirms their intentions do suggest the continued regulation changes are an additional motivation towards its decision to quit.

Insisting the changes are 'moving towards competition between prototypes' rather than production-based bikes, Ducati also claims it isn't in its best interests to participate in this way financially.

"Recently the Superbike World Championship, according to the current regulations, has been interpreted as moving more towards competition between prototypes rather than for bikes derived from production machines. This has led to an increase in costs, both for the manufacturers and the teams participating in the championship.

"This picture does not correlate with the current worldwide economic situation, which has made the securing of sponsorship even more difficult. Ducati trusts that the work carried out by all parties will lead to improvement also in this area."

Even so, Ducati will continue to have a say in future regulation changes, suggesting a return could be on the cards in the near future.

"Despite the decision to interrupt its official participation in the World Superbike Championship, Ducati will continue to work, in collaboration with the championship organizers, other manufacturers and the FIM, to define a technical regulation aimed at containing costs.

"Strong in the sporting spirit that has always allowed this manufacturer to compete, line-up against its rivals, and win, it is fundamental for Ducati to identify, together with the other interested parties, solutions that can guarantee the future of the championship in the medium-long term."