Infront Motor Sports, promoter of the World Superbike Championship, has launched a tender process for those wanting to be the championship's official tyre supplier from 2013-2015.

The announcement indicates that Pirelli's continuation in the role is far from guaranteed. In the past, Pirelli's exclusive WSBK tyre contract has been extended without a public tender process.

Pirelli, which is also the single-tyre supplier for F1 and BSB, has been WSBK's exclusive tyre partner since the championship ended open-tyre competition for the 2004 season.

That decision was criticised at the time, but has since been widely copied as a way of controlling costs and encouraging close racing.

A statement on the official WSBK website regarding the search for a future tyre supplier read:

"Infront Motor Sports, the worldwide Promoter of the FIM Superbike World Championship, launches today (Thursday 31st March 2011) the tender procedure for the awarding of the exclusive tyre supply contract for the FIM Superbike and Supersport World Championships, the Superstock FIM Cup 1000 and the UEM Superstock 600 European Championship for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 racing seasons.

"The tender is open to qualified tyre manufacturers who can demonstrate top level international experience and know-how in the supply of racing tyres within the framework of professional motorcycling racing championships.

"The interested companies can contact Infront Motor Sports, Mr. Paolo Flammini, CEO, by sending a fax to +39 06 50966460.

"Infront Motor Sports reserves the right to evaluate the standing of the applicants before providing specific information about the tender."

MotoGP recently extended its single-tyre agreement with Bridgestone, which now runs until the end of 2014.


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For the benefit of those who disagree that Metzeler is owned by Pirelli - extract from Pirelli Company site:

1986 - Since the 1st January 1986, Metzeler had been a member of the Pirelli Group. A restructuring period of the existing different branches into independent companies took place, and in 1989, Pirelli founded Metzeler Reifen GmbH. In the same year Metzeler introduction of the arrow parabolic tyre to the rear wheel - the ME 1.

The Bridgestone Rep was interviewed during the Eurosport MotoGP coverage at the weekend and confirmed that Bridgestone are not interested in WSB.

Michelin will not compete as a single tyre supplier as the only time people talk about the tyres is when they fail, like Pirelli in F1 so far. Also, with more competitors it adds an extra incentive for research and devlopment. They do regional stuff because nobody really cares, and its good advertising, but for an international even like WSBK, F1, and MotoGP, there has to be another competitor enter. inSport have approached Michelin on numerous occasions trying to get them back in as a single tyre supplier, and they have knocked it back everytime.

If Dunlop, Bridgestone or Pirelli stick there hand in, Michelin will think about it.

Prefer to see racing when there's, no excuse about which the tyre won the race.

I would like to see the return of Avon (done trackdays on them great feeling from them) or Continental's just for a change against the regular tyre brands which already dominate the market

re: "I'd like to see Michelin back supporting a World Championship: Bridgestone for GP's, Dunlop for Moto2 & AMA, Michelin for SBK."

what, no love for moto3...??? :)

lots of speculation, but in the end, pirelli will renew come 2013. they won't be able to defeat the dunlop stanglehold on america without it. this is tyre wars. and in war, ya don't reach final victory by giving up ground. definitely not ground as lucrative as the WSBK championship. twice the camera time that.

Open it back up to any and ALL that want to run. Spec tires (spec ANYTHING!) = not real competition.

I really don't agree with these "I don't watch tire wars......." comments. It's really no difference then anything else. How many times have you heard "you need X bike to win.....?" Or even "if you don't have a factory, ......" I mean right now world level racing must suck for any Suzuki or Kawi fan. But who's fault is that? Ducati? Yamaha? It's the same thing with the tires.

Like everything else tires were left unregulated so one make rose to the front as the others couldn't or didn't want to keep up.

You don't need a one make serious to have fairness. you just need common sense rules. No qualifiers. All tires have to be homolagated and offered to anyone who wants to buy them (and prices reasonbly). Then let the teams choose what they want. sounds simple to me

Bridgestone not interested according to their man on the telly today.

I say let the teams and riders decide.
The single tyre rule is bull, pure and simple because everyone is different, everyone rides different, so the weight ratios and 'feel' is going to be different.