Michel Fabrizio says he is determined not to let his injured arm hamper his performance at Motorland Aragon after it was confirmed he didn't break any bones in an accident at Misano.

The Italian damaged the arm after crashing on the opening lap of race one at Misano, but while Clinica Mobile gave an initial diagnosis of a fractured scaphoid, further consultation revealed Fabrizio hasn't broken any bones.

Even so, the Suzuki Alstare rider admits the injury is uncomfortable, casting doubt on his competitiveness at Motorland Aragon despite a run to the top six during race two at Misano.

"The good news is that nothing is broken," he said. "But obviously I have given my right arm a big knock and it is pretty sore. Because of the pain, I was unable to manage my throttle control in the second race last weekend. Physically, I just couldn't get on the gas like normal and that prevented me from making a better result. Considering the condition of my right arm and my bad grid position, the result was not so bad.

"This weekend is going to be a tough one, for sure. I will not know how my arm is going to be until I get out in the first practice. We all tested here last year and I remember it being quite a challenging circuit and it is going to give my arm a big workout.

"There is a very long, back straight, where the fastest bikes will maybe hit 200 mph followed by a lot of braking for the slowest corner on the track. We go from flat out in sixth gear all the way down to first gear and it is the longest time spent on the brakes anywhere in the series. That's going to put a lot of pressure on my arms, but I am determined not to let it affect my performance.

"What I want to do is end Saturday's Superpole with a good grid position. It's something that I have not managed so far, but it would be very interesting to see what kind of results I could get, if I started races on the first or second row, instead of somewhere down the grid."