Eugene Laverty says he isn't satisfied with a pair of fifth place finishes during the eighth round of the 2011 World Superbike Championship at Brno, claiming he was losing significant time in a straight-line.

The Irishman started both races from the front row, but while good starts would see him as high as second initially, he would eventually be bumped down to fifth.

Enduring a fairly lonely day a comfortable distance behind Michel Fabrizio in both races, though the results signal Laverty's sixth and seventh top six finishes in ten races, he was hoping to have made it onto the podium at least once.

"Today wasn't the best day for me, I had hoped to do much better," he said. "I had to settle for two fifth places when I could have done more. I was struggling with power, and getting up straight line speed. I was on the same pace as the top riders but losing time on straights even though I was riding to the limit.

"Considering the circumstances, the result wasn't too bad. We need to pull out the data and investigate to understand where we can improve and be stronger for Silverstone."