Ruben Xaus says he will have to wait for a week before learning the extent of the thigh injury he sustained in a spectacular accident at Brno.

The Spaniard flung himself into a high-side on the opening lap of race one, Xaus being collected by the Castrol Honda as he crashed, hurting his left thigh. Though x-rays showed no broken bones, the severe swelling would force him out of the second race.

Furthermore, the extent of the swelling means he will have to wait for it to subside before a full injury diagnosis is made on the thigh. Despite this, Xaus is confident he will be able to compete at Silverstone in just under three weeks' time.

"I don't think I did anything different in the crash, so I'm not sure why it happened but it almost felt like a double highside. First the rear let go and threw me out of the seat. It seem to correct and I thought I would save it but while I was out of the seat it went again and just threw me forward over the front.

"I got a really big bang from the tank on my leg and, although there was no break, it swelled up and I could not bend it enough to ride in race two. It's a disappointing end to the weekend where I cannot deny we have had some problems.

"It's frustrating because everyone in the team wants to fix t hem and is trying their best to do this. I won't know for a week or so how bad the leg is but I hope we can get back to some better results at Silverstone."