Marco Melandri says he and his fellow World Superbike riders were 'treated like idiots' by race officials after feeling their pleas to stop the second race at the Nurburgring were not considered.

Though he and team-mate Eugene Laverty were firm in their opinions over whether race should have been cancelled in Yamaha's post-event press release, Marco Melandri's immediate thoughts afterwards were more strongly worded.

Labelling the situation as 'scandalous' in an interview with Italian television station LA7, Melandri was furious that the race was not stopped and restarted later, pointing out that the worst of the weather had passed by the time the red flag was eventually dropped anyway.

"It was scandalous, you can't risk the safety of the riders on track this way, we could have been killed," he said. "They treated us like idiots, they were criminals. When it stopped raining they red flagged the race, only because 75 per cent of the race was completed and by then the track was becoming pretty good and the critical moment was over.

"It's not right, ruining the races like this. When Eugene [Laverty] and I started to complain - and I think others also complained - it should have been stopped and then re-started, we knew that it wouldn't have rained that hard all day. It was stupid.

"Unfortunately the riders have no decisional power, it's not fair. Everyone raised their arms, like I said we're part of the game, we don't count. Unfortunately a lot of riders fell and I hope no-one was injured. It's scandalous and not right."

Though Melandri took to his Twitter account later to admit his words were perhaps too strong, he stands by his claims that the race was 'dangerous'.

"Thanks guys to support me about my tough words for race2. I [may have] been too strong but trust me, it was not easy and dangerous."

Laverty, meanwhile, also took to Twitter express his dissatisfaction with the decisions.

"The organisers are lucky that all riders escaped with our lives in race two. I'd loved to have given them a pillion ride."