Liberty Ducati's Brett McCormick has set his sights on a return to action in August after suffering a broken neck in the World Superbike meeting at Assen last month.

The Canadian is undergoing his rehabilitation programme in his home country and is already looking forward to getting back on the Liberty Racing Ducati in the summer.

Assessing his progress, McCormick said: "With a broken neck it's tough to judge the healing time because every case is so different.

"I've been getting check-ups every week and I'm healing up really good. I hope to get the brace off in a couple of weeks from now, and after that hopefully I'll be able to race within a month.

"I could be back by the end of July if everything goes perfectly, but I think August is more realistic. When I come back as long as physically I am back to normal, I'd like to pick up where I left off and keep working our way towards the front.

"In Assen I was getting closer to the top 10, so hopefully I can pick up from there once I'm back."

McCormick was involved in an incident with Althea Ducati's Carlos Checa, who made an overtaking move on his inside in race two, which forced him to run wide.

"I remember pretty much everything until I fell off of the bike in my crash. I remember turning in and seeing a red and white bike come up the inside just before the apex," he said.

"I didn't hear Carlos coming because that's a pretty fast section and our bikes sound the same, so I didn't expect to see anyone pass me there.

"I thought we might touch if I stayed turned in so I re adjusted my line, but it's such a fast corner I ran out of track. At this point I knew I was in trouble and thought maybe if I made it across the astroturf I could save it, but I wasn't so lucky."

McCormick recalled the moment when he learned he had suffered a broken neck in the accident.

"When I found out I had a broken neck I was fairly freaked out at the start, but it didn't take long to accept it and realise I was extremely lucky," he said.

"As soon as the doctors saw the X-ray of my neck they knew the break was stable, and I wasn't in risk of having any complications or paralysis, so that made everything a lot less stressful for me.

"All I could do was accept the circumstances and start healing."

McCormick's ride in the team has been left open for his return by team owner Mario Bertuccio and the 20-year-old said he was moved by the decision.

"When I read Mario's statement and talked to him it really hit home with me how amazing the people involved with our team are," he said.

"I've said from day one that it feels more like a big family than a race team, and this is a perfect example of that."

The Canadian Superbike champion will attend this weekend's World Superbike meeting at Miller Motorsports Park in the USA.