Jonathan Rea feels a single eighth place finish was scant reward for his and Pata Honda's efforts at Monza after a hard fought weekend was undone by mechanical problems.

Despite giving away top end speed to his main rivals aboard the CBR1000RR, Rea had shown strong form in the run up to the races, qualifying in fourth position and getting away well in race one to circulate in second position initially.

However, Rea's lack of top speed would appear more magnified in race conditions, the Ulsterman often fighting a rear-guard action in a straight line before attempting to make up the time in the corners. In the end, Rea's attempts to compensate by braking late would see him straight-line the first chicane on lap ten.

Worse still, by clipping a hay bale on the way back onto circuit, Rea would be further penalised with dropping two positions on track. Despite a late fight back, Rea would have to be content with eighth position.

Rea's second race would last just five laps when he suffered mechanical issues, concluding a day that had promised more than it produced, much to his frustration.

"It's been a tough day and I don't feel like we got what we deserved," he said. "It was clear I had pace all weekend but, unfortunately, in a race situation, while I had pace by myself, when I tried to capitalise on my strengths in the race, I couldn't run the same corner speed. It made it difficult to pass people and that was upsetting my already good entry speed by braking too late.

"So in race one I learned a lot but in race two, again I made a good start, but straight away I had some problem with the bike. I thought maybe I should adjust the clutch but, to be honest, the guys are still looking into it and investigating because I don't think that's the only problem. It's hard to say we can leave here with our heads held high.

"When I'm on my own I'm actually enjoying riding the bike and we've made massive gains, but it's hard to stomach an eighth place from a weekend. But, we move on to Donington - I'll try and keep my head up and remain positive like the rest of the guys and hopefully come back stronger."