World Superbike title contender Sylvain Guintoli has set his sights on simply securing good points at the Moscow Raceway as he prepares for what he thinks will be the most difficult races of his career.

Ailing with a fractured collarbone, the legacy of a cycling accident earlier in the week, a determined Guintoli has nonetheless gritted his teeth throughout the weekend and was rewarded by reaching SP3 in qualifying.

Going on to qualify in eighth position, ahead of key title rival Tom Sykes following his fall in SP3, Guintoli is under no illusions that both 25 lap races around the Russian circuit will be difficult for him, but he is confident he can limit the damage to his title challenge.

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"If they had told me this would happen on Monday, while I was having X-rays taken and couldn't move my arm, I never would have believed them," he joked.

"Getting to the end of the Superpole sessions was a pleasant surprise since the weekend certainly hasn't been the easiest one so far. To save my shoulder I preferred staying in the garage when the conditions weren't good, so after taking a lot of laps yesterday I calmed down a bit today.

"Thanks to the support of my team, even taking just a few laps today we were still able to take the track with a bike that is working very well. Tomorrow's races may be the most difficult of my life, but I'm hoping that the natural excitement and adrenaline will lend a hand in taking home a few very important points."