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Nataliya Lyubimova has revealed defending World Supersport Champions Yakhnich Motorsport have been forced to 'stop for the time being' after losing its key investment mid-way through the 2014 season.

The Russian outfit, which claimed WSS glory with Sam Lowes in 2013, split from its burgeoning factory deal with MV Agusta ahead of this weekend's Misano round, even if it was not explained why the split came about at the time.

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However, speaking to, Yakhnich team manager Lyubimova says financial factors were the reason for the team's difficult decision to exit, explaining that eponymous owner Alexander Yakhnich could no longer invest more of his money into the effort.

Making reference to the current political situation in Russia and in neighbouring Ukraine, Lyubimova says the issues had been discussed for some months before the final decision was made.

"The reason [for the withdrawal] is that Alexander Yakhnich invested money in this project but in the end it didn't make sense anymore," she told "Of course the decision wasn't made in one day, it was a considered one but that's how it is, even motorcycle racing has to be a business. You have money, you love the sport but one day reason takes over from passion and you have to stop.

"Alexander tried to make it work but he was forced to face financial reality and one day he had to call it a day. It was a financial decision on our part.

"We had a contract at the beginning of the season but then we were confronted with a difficult political situation with the Ukraine which is still going on and when you have a situation like that with Russian money it's difficult to justify money being spent on.... how can I say .... show business.

"When you're dealing with situations like that racing is at a different level. Either way we'll honour whichever contract we've signed.

"When we had a strong performance such as the win at Philip Island Alexander decided to invest his own money and during this time he tried to find new investors. Luckily he managed to find some who invested not only in racing but also in other business ventures.

"In the beginning this deal was OK but in the end it wasn't successful and we sat around the table with Giovanni [Castiglioni] at that point and even then decided to continue because everything looked like it was going well, we were second in the championship in June and we could justify using the money well but that didn't last. Ultimately the decision was Alexander's."

MV Agusta will remain in WSBK and WSS having upped its effort to an in-house full-factory entry.

Read the full interview with Nataliya Lyubimova HERE