Sylvain Guintoli has shrugged off suggestions he is merely striving for consistency in the World Superbike Championship, saying his crashes at Assen and Portimao are proof that he is pushing hard for wins at all times.

The Frenchman has established himself as an unwavering front runner since joining Aprilia Racing at the start of 2013, but was notable for mounting a title tilt last season on the back of just a single win and consistent results, whereas main rivals Tom Sykes and Eugene Laverty ended the year on similar points but with nine wins each.

For 2014, Guintoli has enjoyed more success with a pair of wins at Phillip Island and Assen (both of which were red flagged early), but having notched up a 30th straight points' finish last time out at Laguna Seca and completed all but one of the last 50 races, he has become associated with unwavering consistency.

However, the former MotoGP rider insists he pushes to the maximum in each race, claiming his smoothness is occasionally mistaken for him settling for good points.

"Everybody keeps saying that I'm being consistent but I tell you if I could win more, I would," he told "Believe me, it's hard racing out there and winning isn't easy, I really am pushing hard every round. I'm also doing the best job on the Aprilia and my team mate isn't exactly slow.

"Unfortunately I've only had two victories but that's not some kind of long game. The crashes I've had show that if there's an opportunity to overtake, I'll certainly take it. There's no strategy in that way, make no mistake, I'm always going for the win.

"Honestly I don't really look at the championship I just ride on the day for the day. I may look smooth and consistent but those elements are key to going fast. People often confuse smoothness for just doddling around but you don't get a podium in WSBK by holding back."


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