Eugene Laverty says he is pleased to have secured a spot on the second row for the tenth round of the 2014 World Superbike Championship in Jerez, adding that there has been evident progress made with his Voltcom Crescent Suzuki over the summer break.

Qualifying in sixth place, Laverty was pleased with his and the team's efforts over the course of the weekend having focused on finding a good baseline setting on the GSX-R1000.

As a result he has been able to progress throughout the weekend instead of having to spend the opening sessions trying to find a balance on the bike

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"It's been really good and one of our best weekends in a long time," said Laverty. "We knew that there was more feeling from the bike in Portimao and Laguna and we've finally got a base setting that is quite strong.

"Our race pace is there for second or third but we never really qualify well because we can't use the qualifying tyre as well as some of the others but as long as I'm on the front two rows I'm content."

Indeed, though Laverty admits the long, sweeping nature of the Jerez circuit plays to the bike's strengths, he insists the improvements are notable.

"I'm not a big corner speed guy but I think that some of the fast corners suit the bike because they're long. It's like what Philip Island showed for us but generally the bike is working better in the tight stuff too with the improvements that we've made with the chassis.

"The important thing is that our bike will work well in the heat because the less grip there is on the track the better it is for us. My riding style means that I can be smooth and look after the tyres. It looks like tomorrow could be cooler unfortunately but hopefully that changes."

Looking ahead to the races, Laverty has been plagued by bad starts throughout the year but a new clutch this weekend has seen an improvement on his practice starts and last year's title runner-up is confident that it will make a difference in tomorrow's race.

"The clutch has been a problem all year but we've got a different clutch in and the starts have been good all through practice so that's positive as well and that took a bit of pressure off me for Superpole because usually I go out and think that I need to qualify at the sharp end because at turn one I'd be ninth.

"The clutch has been very aggressive this year and it's made it difficult getting off the line but in the summer break we did some work and now it's acting normally. At the start you had to rev the bike to make sure it would start and all I wanted was a linear feeling and that's what I've got now."