A crestfallen Davide Giugliano has apologised to his Ducati WSBK team after two more crashes in an error-strewn season cost another pair of strong results at Magny-Cours.

Starting from his ninth front row of the year, Giugliano looked strong at the start of both wet races but got no further than lap five on either occasion before crashing, firstly on the exit of Imola and then at Nurburgring.

Though he would get going again in race one to salvage a seventh place finish - having proven to be one of the fastest riders on track -, a distraught Giugliano has again expressed his frustration at the limited return to his evident pace.

"I don't know what to say," he said. "I don't understand why I'm crashing so often and I'm really sorry. The only positive is that I have been up front with the bike in all the practice sessions this weekend. We're not lacking speed, but of course we need to be finishing the races.

Though Giugliano is taking positives from another round where the Ducati has shown a step forward in pace, the Italian has still expressed his remorse at the results.

"The solutions that Ducati brought here this weekend work really well. Unfortunately we know that wet races can be difficult and today the weather really did condition everything. I apologise to Ducati, to the sponsors and to my team - my guys always give 100%. I will continue to work to improve and prepare as well as possible for the final races of the season..."


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Me: (Giugliano) trying to ride the bike beyond your limit just to keep up.
Yearby23: He's over riding the bike.
Tomco: they are having to ride the wheels of(f) those bikes.

So essentially we are all saying the same thing?
The fact is that Giugliano is over-riding the bike past its limit.
You can argue that it is the bike that is not good enough, or the rider, or a combination of the two but the indisputable fact is that when a bike is consistently over-ridden then the most likely scenario is a trip to the gravel trap.

'I don't understand why I'm crashing so often.'

Because you are not good enough and are trying to ride the bike beyond your limit just to keep up. Simples.