Nataliya Lyubimova has always been a popular and recognisable figure in the World Superbike paddock, but having already established herself as the successful team manager of Yakhnich Motorsport, she has taken the opportunity to show just how pivotal a role women play in the series.

A talented photographer, as well as the manager of the 2013 World Supersport Championship winning team, Lyubimova has launched the 'Women of Superbike' 2015 calendar to honour the women beyond the racers, including girlfriends, wives, mothers, family and members of the paddock.

A project close to her heart, the calendar sees Lyubimova capture 12 images that each represent a theme, including 'Mother', 'are, 'Family', 'Belief', 'Love', 'Wisdom' and 'Unity'.

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"I am not a professional photographer," she says. "I'm just a girl who loves to take photos, to capture some special moments, so most of my photos are reportage. What TV shows us about motorsport? It's adrenaline, fighting, speed, the joy of victory. I would like to show this world from a very different point of view - filled with very personal, delicate feelings.

"I want to dedicate this photo project to not only the superbike girls, but also to all those women in different championships and other sports who raise future champions, love them, work for them, worry, care, support, cry their tears for their husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers... I am a woman, and I know all these feelings very well myself. And I'm very happy to be part of this big motorbike family!"

Included in the calendar is Eugene Laverty's fianc?e Pippa Morson, who says it is a pleasure to be acknowledged by such a beautiful project.

"The calendar itself is beautiful," she says. "Nata is very talented at capturing, not just an image, but a moment. Whether it be beauty, love or loyalty, each picture captures those moments.

"It's nice to know the women of the paddock are being acknowledged as being in a very male dominated environment (especially in motorsport), I believe it takes a strong, confident woman to be able to handle it in a working environment. I admire all women who are here.

"I have been with Eugene for nine years and six years of that has been in the WSS/WSBK paddock, so I've learnt that for partners or family members it is hard with its ups and downs. Primarily though it is a case of being supportive for our loved ones to do what they love to do. It's nice to know that we are not forgotten, because we also need support now and again too."

Scroll down to view a small selection of images from the calendar.