Chaz Davies admits he is finding it difficult to jostle with other bikes as the Ducati's lack of initial acceleration is forcing him to ride 'at the limit' and risk crashing.

The Welshman fell from strong positions in both races at the Chang International Circuit, losing the front at the final corner in the first encounter before losing the rear at turn three in the second.

Though he would recover 11th and 15th each time to secure a handful of points, he says riding alone highlights the problems he has when he is battling against the four-cylinder machines, saying he is 'at the limit' to make up for a deficit in initial acceleration.

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"I'm really disappointed with how the races went. It was very difficult as I was constantly having to push, riding at the limit, to fight with the others. The fact that there are three straights here really hindered us today... We made some changes for race 2 and the bike was better, but then the race went more or less like the first one.

"The crash was different, I lost grip at the rear on entering Turn 3 but then the second part of the race was similar. I tried to make up as many positions as possible. The lap times were good and when I find myself riding alone I have a lot less trouble.

"When I'm fighting with the others, I have a lot more trouble with initial acceleration and on the straight, losing too much ground which means I then have to force the entry. I have faith in the technicians at Borgo Panigale and their work to find us some more power ahead of the next races..."