World Superbike sporting director Gregorio Lavilla feels the most important element of the race two grid shake-up rule is to give value and more coverage to team further down the grid in 2017.

The 2005 British Superbike champion has been a key figure in pushing through the new rules for setting the race two grid in World Superbikes in the hope of injecting fresh excitement and intrigue into the series.

For 2017, the top three finishers in race one with start in reverse order on row three (1st=9th, 2nd=8th and 3rd=7th) with finishers P4-P9 being promoted to the front two rows. The rest of the grid will be dictated by Superpole's qualifying results.

Lavilla has laid out two key positives the new grid rules will introduce and is confident the changes will be positive for the entire World Superbike paddock.

"There were two main reasons we decided to change the grid. One is trying to make the racing, if possible a bit more exciting," Lavilla told "The second reason, for me is the most important, is to give teams and riders more value.

"They do not always have the possibility to start the race from the front row, but with this format we are giving a bit more value to these riders.

"We are able to give riders another chance if they had a very bad Saturday. Personally, I have to say that we thought any changes we made to next year's grid would be really exciting, and these changes are not too dramatic."

Quizzed about not applying the reverse grid to the entire World Superbike line-up, Lavilla was concerned about safety issues which would see slower riders leading faster ones and inevitably raise the risk of accidents.

"To go for a full reverse grid was going to create question marks, even with only three rows it has created a few," he said. "From the safety point of view I don't feel like it is going to be a particularly dangerous situation, because we will have a lot of riders able to win.

"Secondly the speed can depend on the riders. The main difference is perhaps seen from half way through the race distance. You can see the difference comes from tyre wear, how they manage the race and who has done more laps during qualifying to prepare.

"So you can say that even in a reversed order in the first laps the difference in lap times are very little between these nine riders, so I don't think there is the safety question mark at this point."


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