Tom Sykes feels “things turned against us” at the end of his 2017 World Superbike championship as he missed out on the runner-up spot to Chaz Davies.

After an engine blowout in FP2 stalled his race weekend, the Kawasaki Racing Team rider struggled for grip during race one to finish sixth, despite three riders ahead of him falling out of contention, before an early low-side crash in race two caused by slipping on a white line marked his worst results of the campaign – with the exception of the Portimao races he missed with injury.

Sykes says he was confident of challenging at the front in race two with strong pace before his crash but put it down to a disappointing round in Qatar.

“We started this final weekend so well but things just turned against us,” Sykes said. “In race two the bike felt much better. Initially I missed a bit of lap time but the bike was coming to me. I was just in a fast turn, clipped the white line and fell.

“People are running up and over kerbs here but I go and touch a white line and lose the front. It has been one of those things.

“The lap times were right there for the race today because we had made slight modifications from yesterday, so I cannot believe the way it finished.

“Jonathan has had an incredible season this year, he has done a fantastic job.”


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I'm wondering if JR has got into his head?  JR seems to be like Mike Tyson was, many of his opponents didn't really believe they could defeat him so we're  on the back foot before they started and he does seem to be in a class of his own at the moment.....

Don't disagree. Some riders are very fast but have to have everything perfect to do it..  others are able to be fast when things are right but also fast because they can change when things are not perfect. They ride through the issues. (Rea and Davies)

Tom needed Jonathan's help last year but was getting none this time! Ever since Jonathan arrived Tom has played second fiddle and I don't think he is very happy about it at all! 

It can't be easy for Tom.

Loses '12 Championship by 1/2 a point

Wins it in '13

Loses it in '14 by 6 points

Then Rea comes in, and just dominates 15, 16, 17.

Tom needs to learn how to overtake sometimes, instead of following, Tom can go a whole race without an attempt at a pass, whereas Chaz goes out to win every race regardless how many others he has to get by.....

I would have liked to have seen someone else given a go to try and take it to Rea on equal machinery. Tom's had a go and come up short too often since Rea has been there. To finish 149, 51 and 183 points behind Rea in 3 seasons isn't enough.

Reading between the lines..why do I sense Tom start losing his motivation..hell not easy situation consider he's been 3 years on best bike with such dominating teammate and the result never come..the bike never comes around him (or he around the bike)..whatever he needs to find his mojo back (thus his motivation) or next year will be his last season with kawi.