Neil Hodgson continues with his perfect start to his 2003 season with an easy win at the first race today at Phillip Island.

In blustery weather under blue skies at the Phillip Island circuit Hodgson looked untroubled for much of the race to continue his winning streak following on from his victories in Valencia.

Italian veteran Pierfrancesco Chili briefly took the lead from Hodgson going into the Honda hairpin on the first lap, but the Ducati Fila rider simply powered his was past on the start finish straight.

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Chili's challenge was to disappear in a puff of smoke on the fourth lap, despite the speed he has shown at this circuit, he has only visited the podium once at Phillip Island, and engine meltdown was preventing any visit in race one today.

Behind Hodgson Chris Walker and Gregorio Lavilla battled seemingly for each corner for almost the entire race, but ultimately Hodgson's team-mate Ruben Xaus was to pass the both of them to take the second place. Walker faltered in the final laps leaving him down in seventh.

Top ten
1. Hodgson
2. Xaus
3. Lavilla
4. Martin
5. Corser
6. Laconi
7. Walker
8. Garcia
9. Borciani
10. Lucio