Karl Muggeridge has taken victory in the Brands Hatch World Supersport race, after an epic battle with second placed Sebastien Charpentier.

The race was restarted following a fall by Fabien Foret on lap nine (see seperate story). The second half of the race was over the remaining 14 laps and final positions determined from aggregate times.

Charpentier, who started on pole in the restart, led the following six riders - who were in a tightly packed train of bikes - for the remainder of the race.

Muggeridge was always on Charpentier's rear tyre (as he had been in the first part of the race), but saved his overtake for the last lap, when it was difficult for Charpentier to strike back.

Jurgen van den Goorbergh finished in fourth on the track behind Broc Parkes, but due to the race times being aggregated the Dutchman took the final place on the podium.

This left Parkes relegated to fourth ahead of Kevin Curtain and Alessio Corradi.

Supersport top ten
1. Karl Muggeridge
2. Sebastien Charpentier
3. Jurgen van de Goorbergh
4. Broc Parkes
5. Kevin Curtian
6. Allesio Corradi
7. Katsuaki Fujiwara
8. Stephane Chambon
9. Anthony West
10. Lorenzo Lanzi