The sixth round of the Alstare Corona Extra World Superbike Championship was yet another epic in the dramatic and dynamic championship.

The aggregate race was eventually won by Regis Laconi on the Xerox Ducati, second was Chris Vermeulen on the Winston Ten Kate Honda and third was current championship leader Troy Corser on the Alstare Corona Extra Suzuki.

Vermeulen got the holeshot off the line with Corser in hot pursuit. The Aussie was pushing hard to get by Vermeulen when he had a bit of a moment which allowed Laconi to close in on him. Andrew Pitt on the Motor Italia Yamaha crashed out on lap three when he lost the front, he started a faze of crashes with Michel Nickmans crashing out next, he was ok but the bike went on fire at the side of the track.

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Lap four saw another crash this time Norino Brignola an Italina wild card rider crashed out, his machine landed on the edge of the track spilling oil. It was this incident that brought out the red flag, unfortunately Max Neukirchner didn't spot the flags as soon as everyone else did and ended up clipping his team-mate and crashing out unhurt.

The restart was every bit as eventful as the first part of the race, the grid was reformed based on the positions from previous lap, so the front row was Vermeulen, Corser, Laconi, Muggeridge.

Ben Bostrom got a bit quick with his clutch hand and surged forward before the lights went out, other riders further back on the grid followed his lead and so the restart had to be restarted! All the mechanics had to come back out onto the grid and sort out the bikes before the race could go.

On the second restart it was Vermeulen who got the hole shot again this time just ahead of his team-mate Karl Muggeridge with Laconi chasing them down.

Muggeridge had a big moment when the bike almost high sided and pitched him right out of the seat, he was lucky to hold onto it. This allowed Laconi to close up on him and pass. Lap six had a spate of crashes with Abe, Bussei and Neukirchner all biting the dust - no one was hurt.

By lap nine Laconi had reeled in Vermeulen sufficiently to pass him and he held the lead to the line. Yukio Kagayama who had worked his way up to third place, crashed out on the fast back section on the track, he was unhurt but his bike didn't look too clever as it tumbled into the tyre wall and parked itself there upside down.

The last five laps of the race then saw a close battle between Corser and Toseland for the on track third place. They swapped places and paint as they tried to out do each other.

Corser said: "I knew I was ahead of James on time but I wanted the third place on track, that is the racer in me. But I decided to settle for fourth on track."

"It was bloody hot out there and hard work. The Ducati was just too strong to stay with," added Vermeulen, who is now lying second in the championship after his safe second.

The Petronas garage had one good result and one DNF when McCoy had a mechanical four laps from the end, whilst Steve Martin came home in eleventh. Chris Walker on the PSG-1 Kawasaki had another ding dong fight with Frankie Chili on the Klaffi Honda. Walker had predicted this at the start of the weekend and he was determined to try and beat him, however Chili got the better of him and finished seventh with Walker eighth.

Results - race one:

1. Laconi
2. Vermeulen
3. Corser
4. Toseland
5. Lanzi
6. Haga
7. Chili
8. Walker
9. Nieto
10. Muggeridge