From the outset the race was close with the top six bunched together for lap after lap, before three riders - Noriyuki Haga, Toseland and Biaggi - broke away in the closing stages.

Haga was relegated to third place when Biaggi, who had fought his way impressively through the field, pipped him on the last lap in a similar manner to how Haga had passed Biaggi for victory at Donington Park two weeks ago.

"I'm knackered!" exclaimed Toseland after the race, "I've never been close to winning here. It is good to ride for this great team. We've had a great start to the season, I did have a mishap at Donington Park and we had a problem here in race one, but my team prepped the second bike and here we are. I have to say sorry to Haga for the move at the hairpin. A lot of fans have made the trip down here so this had made it worth their while."

Toseland did put a hard move on Haga as he went on to explain, "Haga was holding his arm when we got on the podium. Xaus went under him and I thought he had gone wider than he had. The door was open but not that open. I'm sorry but I'm sure he will get me back."

Biaggi's run from twelfth to second was superb and even Toseland was surprised by the Italian, "Biaggi went from twelfth to second, I looked behind me and he was there I thought, 'How did he do that?' I hope things continue like this and we shall see what happens at the end of the year," he concluded.

Off the line Biaggi got away well, "It was complicated at the start, I was on the third row and someone in the Superstock race, their engine had broken and there was a lot of oil on turn one. So there was only one line through there and everyone was fast. This time I had not such a gap to the front and I caught up and I was there," he said.

The race was so close it was like a 125 race and reminded Biaggi of his 125 days, "Was like being in 125s again but very tough and close. I enjoyed it I had good pace; I didn't think I could do it at the start but then I think I can. Haga surprised James and I surprised him. I was lucky," he grinned.

Although relegated to third place Haga enjoyed the race, "Yes it was a good race. I had a big fight with James. I didn't change much for the second race, but the last five laps I couldn't push anymore. Last two to three laps I make a mistake and I have no chance to pass. Then on last lap Max arrive. I was surprised; I think 'Has he no brakes?' I'm happy with race and congratulations to James and Max."

As the lights went out it was Haga who got straight into the lead with Toseland on his tail, race one winner Xaus slotted into third place with Corser and Bayliss chasing. Xaus wasted no time in passing Toseland for second place and set about hunting down Haga. It was on lap three that Xaus took Haga at the hairpin and Toseland followed him through bumping Haga on the way.

Haga re passed Toseland on lap six and as Toseland tried to take him back he had a big moment. One lap later Haga had regained the lead over Xaus. Further down the field Biaggi was making his presence felt taking Lanzi and starting to chase the leading pack. Toseland by now had regained second place from Xaus and Bayliss who was fourth and now coming under attack by the Roman Emperor.

Bayliss made a big mistake on lap thirteen when he took to the gravel at speed, luckily he held it and didn't actually crash, this pushed him back down the order to sixth place. Biaggi now had the prospect of a podium looming and he tackled Xaus taking third on the main straight while Toseland slip streamed Haga for the lead.

Haga wasn't finished and two laps later he took the lead again as Toseland started to slide his machine around. Lap twenty one Haga ran wide and Toseland had him, lap twenty two and the reverse happened but Toseland held onto his line and fended off Haga. It was at this point that Biaggi pounced and stole second place from Haga.

It was one of the closest fought races of the season and it has left Toseland with a twenty three point lead over Biaggi in the Championship standings.

WSBK race (2) results - Valencia:

1. James Toseland
2. Max Biaggi
3. Noriyuki Haga
4. Ruben Xaus
5. Lorenzo Lanzi
6. Troy Bayliss
7. Josh Brookes
8. Regis Laconi
9. Troy Corser
10. Max Neukirchner


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