The four way battle lasted for the full race distance but Toseland kept his head despite dropping from an early lead back to fourth place during the arduous race.

Biaggi who fought hard from lights to flag on his Alstare Corona Extra Suzuki had to settle for second place behind the British rider who has successfully extended his championship lead.

The top three riders usually attend a post race press conference however Biaggi opted to sit this out due to sustaining a cut to his hand during the race and went to the medical centre instead. The cut was caused by a stone thrown up from Toseland's bike which damaged his screen.

"I must apologise for Max not begin here (at the press conference) it's my fault, I didn't do it on purpose but I ran wide and my bike threw some stones up which hit Max," explained Toseland, "I've not been on the podium for a couple of rounds now and that was starting to piss me off, so I did my best on the track and on the grass and here I am."

Toseland feels his longer runs during practice helped him to his race win, "I knew we needed 40 degrees on track for my tyres to work and it was just 40 degrees. Everyone was in the same situation with the tyres but I think my work effort paid off by doing the longer runs."

"I want to dedicate this win to my good friend Ollie Bridewell who lost his life during an incident in the dreadful conditions at Mallory Park, and my condolences to his family," concluded Toseland.

Team-mate to Biaggi, Kagayama took a well earned third place pushing his friend Haga off the podium. Kagayama had a little coming together with Haga during the race, he said "After race two Haga is my friend, right now - no! I make small mistake and we touch. It took Haga time to come back but I was gone."

When the race began it was Biaggi who took the initial lead from Kagayama, but Toseland dispensed with both of them by the end of lap one, while Haga took third place from Kagayama and went after Biaggi's second place.

Haga and Biaggi swapped places three times on lap two while Toseland took the lap record with a time of 2min 1.889secs. Biaggi started to close down on Toseland and on lap five he made his move taking the lead and bringing Haga with him pushing Toseland back to third place. By lap seven Toseland was back to fourth place behind Kagayama while Haga made a charge for the lead.

That only lasted for a few corners as Biaggi took it back. At mid race distance Toseland began his fight back and forced his way through to second place. Meanwhile Biaggi ran wide and dropped two places. Haga and Toseland crossed the line side by side with Toseland out wide and on the grass. The dust and stones thrown up by Toseland's bike showered Biaggi and Kagayama.

Toseland regained the lead on lap ten and Biaggi moved back up to second place. Kagayama made a late charge and took both Haga and Biaggi in one go to secure second place. Biaggi wasn't going to be out done and fought back for his second place. Kagayama was relegated to fourth place again by Haga on lap fifteen. The leading four had now split slightly with Toseland and Biaggi gapping Haga and Kagayama.

Kagayama waited until the penultimate lap to take back third place from his friend and held it to the line. Toseland put in a titanic effort to keep his first place from the menacing Biaggi who had closed the gap down to just 0.127secs.

Troy Bayliss predicted that he would struggle on his Xerox Ducati and he was right. He was running in tenth place when Karl Muggeridge crashed and his sliding bike hit Bayliss knocking him off.

Roberto Rolfo put in a solid race finishing in fifth place and keeping Michel Fabrizio at bay all race. Troy Corser didn't have a good time on track slipping form his fifth place start to finish seventh. The Australian has been struggling with grip all weekend and it looked like he succumbed again to it during the race.

Lorenzo Lanzi brought his lone Xerox machine home in eighth place ahead of young German rider Max Neukirchner. Completing the top ten was Shinichi Nakatomi on the Yamaha France machine.

WSBK race results (1) - Brno:

1. James Toseland
2. Max Biaggi
3. Yukio Kagayama
4. Noriyuki Haga
5. Roberto Rolfo
6. Michel Fabrizio
7. Troy Corser
8. Lorenzo Lanzi
9. Max Neukirchner
10. Shinichi Nakatomi