The Roman Emperor, Max Biaggi had hoped to pick up a double win for his home crowd and his Alstare Corona Extra Suzuki team, but a bad start hampered his progress early in the race leaving him with a lot of work to do.

The last man on the podium was Noriyuki Haga on the Yamaha Italia who mad some hard moves during the race to hold onto his podium finish.

James Toseland's weekend went rapidly down hill when he crashed during race two whilst in fourth place. It was a low speed fall and he was able to restart eventually coming over the line in 11th place.

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This race has closed up the title chase with Toseland now just 29 points ahead of Biaggi who is now in second.

During the Supersport race a lot of oil was laid down on the track, to counteract the oil cement dust was laid over it and this distracted a number of riders on the first lap. Bayliss explained, "I hadn't looked at the track ahead of race two and when I went out on the sighting lap I saw all the dust down on turn one, then got to the double right hander and there was more. I thought, "This is not good." Got to the last corner and there was even more dust, I thought there was going to be an accident on it during the first lap for sure." Thankfully everyone kept it rubber side down.

He admitted it was a tough race, "It was a long hard race, we used the same tyre as in race one , the wider one which is quite physical to ride. I'm exhausted. When Max nearly bumped into me there were a few times that I slowed mid corner as I knew he couldn't pass me there. I did it just to break up the race. I'm happy to have this win in Vallelunga."

Biaggi also struggled with the track conditions, "We had a difficult race with the oil on the track at turns one and three. With the dust it was hard to see but after a while the line cleared. Troy rode fantastic, he pushed from the first lap and he push more on this line."

As Biaggi tried to close up on Bayliss mid race as he went on to say, "I try to come close and I almost hit him so I brake and go straight. He was pushing hard and I follow but can't pass. I'm a little sorry as I wanted double win."

Haga was also a little disappointed, "Yesterday I decided which tyre I use for the race. In race one the rear tyre don't work so well and I was just keeping my position. I was a little disappointed. I am happy for this race and for Bayliss."

Bayliss got the hole shot off the line while Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus bashed fairings which held them up and allowed the chasing pack to engulf them. Bayliss was being followed closely by Haga with Toseland in third place. Biaggi put a hard move on Troy Corser to take fourth place from him, barging him out of the way through the slow turns.

Two laps later and Biaggi had also dispensed with Toseland grabbing third place. Toseland was now coming under immense pressure from the chasing Corser and unfortunately for the gritty Brit he pushed too hard and lost the front on lap eight.

He was able to pick the bike up and get going again, hammering his handle bars back into shape as he went. He rejoined in 12th place as he tried to make up on places and of course championship points.

Haga was now all over the back of Bayliss with Biaggi closing down on them. The action kicked off on lap twelve with Haga and Biaggi swapping places. Biaggi finally nailed it and held onto second place. Regis Laconi crashed his PSG-1 Kawasaki gifting another place to Toseland.

On lap sixteen Biaggi almost hit the back of Bayliss and had to run on straight to stop himself crashing into him. This mistake dropped Biaggi off the back of Bayliss giving him a comfortable margin to the end of the race.

WSBK race results (2) - Vallelunga:

1. Troy Bayliss
2. Max Biaggi
3. Noriyuki Haga
4. Troy Corser
5. Roberto Rolfo
6. Ruben Xaus
7. Lorenzo Lanzi
8. Fonsi Nieto
9. Shinichi Nakatomi
10. Max Neukirchner