Kenan Sofuoglu has joked that 'there is a wall to first position recently' after having a potential World Supersport Championship victory taken away from him for the second race in succession.

Though not nearly as controversial as the penalty that saw him demoted from first to fifth at Motorland Aragon, Sofuoglu lost out at Brno after a red flag three laps from the end prompted officials to count-back to the positions at the end of lap 13, handing then leader Fabien Foret the win.

A frustrating occurrence for Sofuoglu since he had taken the lead just moments after crossing the line to start lap 14, the Turk was annoyed to miss out again, but was content to have at least increased his advantage in the overall standings.

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"I think there is a wall for me to first position recently," the Lorenzini Kawasaki rider mused. "But it is not so bad because I knew I could catch Fabien and I just waited to catch up with him. Finally I did and passed and I still had energy to improve and push for the last four laps and improve.

"Then I saw the red flag and at that moment I thought I was more than one lap in the lead and I was in first, but when I got back they told me I was second.

"Right now I have a little bit of bad luck, but still we are leading the championship and pulling a gap. That is the most important thing. Sometimes you can do everything but winning is not for you. But it is not so bad."

Sofuoglu incurred the wrath of race direction in Spain after riding aggressively towards Foret, an incident that drew criticism from across the motorcycling world.