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Lowes 'taught a lesson' by Sofuoglu

19 March 2013

Yaknich Yamaha World Supersport rider Sam Lowes was 'taught a lesson' by defending champion Kenan Sofuoglu in the opening round of the series at Phillip Island, according to the British rider's former PTR Honda boss Simon Buckmaster.

Lowes had dominated in qualifying at Phillip Island in Australia and was a hot favourite to follow up with a victory, but Kawasaki star Sofuoglu turned the tables on race day.

Buckmaster said: “I felt for Sam Lowes as his team seemed to concentrate on dominating practice too much and come the big day got taught a lesson as Kenan, who looked to have no answer, came up with all the answers in warm up to unsettle Sam and his team and then repeated this in the race.

“As Sam's personal manager we of course cannot have any influence over the team but I am sure Sam will learn from this and go forward to challenge in the race in Aragon.”

Buckmaster also rounded on TV commentators who said they were interested to see how former PTR Honda man Lowes would fare on a 'good' bike this season.

“I do have to say, it did make me smile to hear on the TV commentary how good it will be to see Sam on a fast bike now,” he said.

“Sorry chaps he has been on one the last two years!

“We have all seen enough tight finishes to know if you are the guy behind with experience you can run onto the leading rider coming off the last turn and pass him with relative ease before the finish line,” he added.

“Kenan is a very experienced rider and he did this to Sam a number of times in the race.

“This does not mean the Yamaha has turned into a slow bike does it?”

Buckmaster continued to ram home his point, saying: “By the way TV pundits did you notice our bikes topped most of the speed trap figures during the event?

“They have not changed dramatically since last year so we will keep on building some more slow bikes I suppose as this seems the best way to have the fastest bike.”