Sheridan Morais is set to see out the remainder of the 2013 World Supersport Championship with Go Eleven Kawasaki in place of the late Andrea Antonelli.

After a successful first full season with Lorenzini Kawasaki yielded sixth place in the overall standings last year, Morais joined front runners PTR Honda to head its challenge for 2013, but the South African has endured a tough season thus far and is currently classified down in 12th position

As such, with just four races remaining, Morais has parted ways with PTR Honda and is, according to former team manager Simon Buckmaster, set to line up with Go Eleven Kawasaki for the remainder of the year. He will ride in place of Antonelli, who was tragically killed in a first lap accident during the WSS round at the Moscow Raceway.

"After the tragic accident to Andrea Antonelli in Russia, Go Eleven Kawasaki is looking for a rider and have offered him [Sheridan] the ride," Buckmaster wrote in his regular blog. "I have to say from our side I would never try and poach another team's rider but I guess we are all different and everyone has their choice.

"Sheridan wants a new opportunity and hopes his fortunes will change in a new environment. Once a rider thinks like this he will not perform under his current situation."

"With this in mind we have released him from his contract with us. I and all the team wish him all the best and despite injury from round 3 meaning he could not perform for us to his full ability, we did see flashes of what he could be capable of. I hope for him he can regain full fitness."

PTR Honda has already announced it has signed young British rider Danny Webb to replace Morais in its team.