The results of the latest World Touring Car Championships race in Morocco - as well as the championship standings - remain suspended after BMW lodged a protest against the SEAT Leon TDi.

BMW Team Germany lodged the appeal on behalf of the three BMW national teams following the second race of the weekend at the new Marrakech street circuit, with the German marque seeking 'clarification of the technical regulations regarding the precise definition of the maximum boost pressure of 2.5 bar in the turbo-diesel engines'.

The turbo boost on the diesel cars had been imposed this season in an effort to equalise the performance between the diesel and petrol cars this season, with complaints having been raised all through 2008 regarding the performance of the Leon TDi against its rivals.

As a result of the protest, the Moroccan results will remain suspended pending technical checks of the cars of Yvan Muller, Gabriele Tarquini, Jordi Gene and Tiago Monteiro.

Rickard Rydell's car will not undergo checks as it failed to take the start of race two following the damage sustained in race one.