A weekend that did nothing to improve the image of the World Touring Car Championship has ended with race officials announcing that 15 cars failed post race checks.

The weekend had been beset by issues, which started when SEAT issued a strongly worded statement questioning its involvement in the series after changes made to the Leon TDi severely hampered its performance in qualifying.

Nine drivers then saw their times disallowed in qualifying after failing post-session checks while race day was overshadowed by the controversial collison between Franz Engstler and the Safety Car during the opening stages of race two.

Following the conclusion of race two, race stewards completed technical checks on the competing cars and 15 - more than half the grid - were found to not comply with the engine speed limit of the supercharged air pressure limits in place.

Rather than hand out a raft of penalties, officials - 'taking into account the exceptional circumstances and confusion' - elected to hand out reprimands to the teams involved who were 'reminded that their cars must comply with all technical regulations for the remaining events of the season.

The cars involved were as follows:

1. Yvan Muller SEAT Sport SEAT Leon TDi
2. Gabriele Tarquini SEAT Sport SEAT Leon TDi
3. Rickard Rydell SEAT Sport SEAT Leon TDi
4. Jordi Gene SEAT Sport SEAT Leon TDi
5. Tiago Monteiro SEAT Sport SEAT Leon TDi
9. Alex Zanardi BMW Team Italy-Spain BMW 320si
14. Nicola Larini Chevrolet Chevrolet Cruze
18. Jaap van Lagen LADA Sport LADA 110
19. Kirill Ladygin LADA Sport LADA 110
20. Viktor Shapovalov LADA Sport LADA 110
21. Tom Coronel SUNRED Engineering SEAT Leon TFSI
23. Felix Porteiro Proteam Motorsport BMW 320si
29. Eric Cayrolle SUNRED Engineering SEAT Leon TFSI
30. Mehdi Bennani Exagon Engineering SEAT Leon TFSI
33. Laurent Cazenave Wiechers-Sport BMW 320si