Tom Coronel has concluded a deal which will allow him to contest the remainder of the World Touring Car Championship season.

Following the loss of backing from the Dutch SEAT importer Pon Car, Coronel looked set to end his season with the event at Imola this past weekend, but a deal has been struck with a number of backers - including McGregor and SEAT Sport - to allow the Dutchman to race at both Okayama and Macau.

"It was quite hard for me to take when I was told that we wouldn't be racing in Japan and Macau", he said. "However, Dutch SEAT-importer Pon Car has given me all the possibilities to go and look for a solution to make the participation in Asia happen after all.

"From that moment on, I have tried every possible option and thanks to many people who have provided ideas and support, we have succeeded. Of course, that makes me very happy."

Coronel retained the Independents' points lead during the Imola race weekend.