World Touring Car Championship bosses have announced that the prize money reserved for the competitors of the Yokohama Independents' Trophy will be substantially increased in 2010.

The total amount of the prize money rises from 384,000 to 480,000 Euros, meaning that at each event 40,000 Euros will be awarded to the independent drivers, compared to the 32,000 awarded until 2009 - an increase of some 24 per cent.

The prize money is awarded to top six Independent drivers, classified by adding together the points obtained in the two races of each event, and will be as follows for the new season:

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- to the first driver: 12,000
- to the second driver: 10,000
- to the third driver: 8,000
- to the fourth driver: 5,000
- to the fifth driver: 3,000
- to the sixth driver: 2,000

Previous winners of the trophy include two-time victor Tom Coronel, former GP2 racer Sergio Hernandez and Stefano D'Aste.