The FIA has decided that all cars so far entered for the WTCC 2013 campaign will start with a minimum weight of 1150 kg, car and driver combined.

The published list includes BMW 320TC, Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T, Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Seat Leon.

The BMW and Chevrolet had a 10 pound weight reduction during the course 2012. The FIA homologation committee will decide what the Lada Granta Sport weight limit should be in the coming weeks, the official WTCC site reports.

Meanwhile, recently Arena Motorsport running under the banner 'Team Aon', who ran the factory Ford effort in the WTCC last year, announced that the company had been closed down, so the appearance of Ford on the list is something of a surprise. It can only be assumed that another motorsport engineering company has taken on the project for 2013 - however this is unconfirmed.

by Dexter Fielding


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