Eurosport Events has announced that it will support a dedicated trophy for the Asian drivers who contest their home rounds of the World Touring Car Championship.

In recent seasons, an increasing number of Asian drivers have competed in the end-of-year events in China, Japan and Macau - albeit without any realistic chance of challenging the established runners in the field.

In order to give some reward to those drivers, Eurosport has announced the launch of the Eurosport Asia Trophy, which will be awarded at the end of the season to the best Asian driver based on the results gained at Suzuka, Shaghai and Macau.

Points will be on offer to race-by-race entrants only and will be awarded to the top eight drivers on a 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale, with an extra point awarded for each overall point scored.

"In recent years we have noticed more and more interest in WTCC from the Asian drivers," WTCC general manager Marcello Lotti said, "especially because most of the former WTCC cars continue racing in the national championships in Macau, Hong Kong, China and other countries in the Far East.

"To encourage them and in appreciation of their efforts, we have decided to award a special trophy that will be handed during the end of the season prize giving at Macau. And on top of this we are currently negotiating with potential sponsors to allocate prize money."

Macau expert Andre Couto scored the best result amongst the Asian racers last season, taking eleventh in the season finale in an SUNRED SR Leon run by the Tuenti Racing Team.