GRID, an exhilarating racing game that combines sublime handling and dazzling visuals with extreme speed, is coming to the Mac on March 28th.

Part of the celebrated TOCA Touring Car series, GRID was developed and published by Codemasters for consoles and PC and is being developed and published for the Mac by Feral Interactive under their Legends label.

GRID puts you behind the wheel of massively race-tuned road cars by manufacturers such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Aston Martin and sets you loose on US city streets, Japanese mountain roads and famous European circuits such as Spa and Le Mans.

With five very different racing disciplines, a sophisticated damage model, adjustable difficulty settings and a handy "Flashback" feature, GRID rides the sweet spot between sim realism and full-on arcade racing.

The Mac version of GRID comprises the base game plus the 8-Ball and Prestige DLC packs, which soup up the quick race and multiplayer modes with 18 extra cars, two new events and one new track.

GRID includes split-screen, LAN and online multiplayer and supports a variety of steering wheels and gamepads.

You can pre-order GRID now from the Feral Store and visit the GRID minisite for a trailer, game details, screenshots and system requirements.

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