Tom Chilton has had something of a transformation in the second half of his 2013 FIA WTCC season.

This weekend he scored his first victory in the series.

The win was helped by starting on pole, also for the first time in the series and breaking the Yvan Muller qualifying pole stranglehold, something which the Frenchman has dominated this year.

When the lights went out for the rolling start, Chilton keep away from the dirty off-line surface and after a few laps of pressure from runner up, Tiago Monteiro coasted home for a delighted and deserved win.

The former Arena Motorsport driver spoke about the 'tough race' and the success being in part down to set-up changes with his Chevrolet.

"It was a tough race," said a delighted Chilton. "Monteiro was fully lit and I had to made sure I made no mistakes whatsoever, which I very hard to do here. You can't just go flat out every lap - you have to preserve the tyres of else they just give up.

"What a place to win my first WTCC race; it's a really cool place and I really love this track - its mega! I think if Muller and I hadn't changed our set-up for this weekend, we would've had a problem. We're pushing each other very hard at the moment and we thought we would have a problem here; we've worked hard to make sure we were fast in qualifying and the race.

"I think I was more worried about Muller alongside me than Monteiro behind me. As I was looking in my mirrors, I could see Muller was truggling in the dust outside and Monteiro took his opportunity."

Chilton's recent podium and now race winning form has seen him rise to equal fourth in the championship with James Nash on 160 points, third overall is now a real possibility with Michel Nykjaer only 20 points further up the table.

by Dexter Fielding