Tom Coronel could be forced to miss the second round of the 2014 World Touring Car Championship at Paul Ricard as his car may not be repaired in time following his massive smash in Marrakech.

The Dutchman's ROAL Chevrolet Cruze was heavily damaged after a start-line collision with Mehdi Bennani saw strike both opposing walls, before being struck hard by Yvan Muller's Citroen.

With back-to-back races making the turn around between events difficult, Coronel admits the lack of spare parts for his Chevrolet - which was only delivered to the ROAL team a couple of weeks before the start of the year - means there is a slim chance he will be on the grid in France.

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"The car is 'bannani'," he said. "This definitely isn't good. It started with a little tap, which isn't a problem, but he kept pushing and started turning to the right. There was nothing I could do, I was merely a passenger in my own car. I don't really understand it. Mehdi is a friend of mine and I reckon he was determined to shine here in front of his home crowd, but he definitely overdid it.

"The damage to the car is massive. I don't remember ever having had so much damage on a race car. Together with the ROAL Motorsport people, we took a good look at it and the bodyshell turned out to be damaged. These are not on stock, so it will be very difficult, of not impossible, to race next week.

"The car will be in Barcelona on Wednesday, but then we already have to leave to France to make it to the next race. However, to repair it, we have to be in England and there are no bodyshells in stock there. It really looks bad."