The FIA World Touring Car Championship will race at the iconic Nurburgring Nordschleife in 2015, it has been announced.

Colloquially referred to as the 'Green Hell', the circuit - which runs to more than 14 miles in its Norschleife configuration - is often regarded as the ultimate racing circuit, its long length, challenging layout and high-speed set-up earning it lofty status amongst racing drivers and fans.

A former German Grand Prix F1 venue until it was replaced from 1976 in the aftermath of Niki Lauda's life-threatening crash, though the shortened 'Nurburgring' has become a mainstay of the motorsport calendar since then, the full circuit has not been included on a high-profile motorsport calendar since early 90s when DTM still raced there.

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However, as a popular proving ground for manufacturers testing road cars and venue for the annual 24 Hours of Nurburgring, the Nordschleife remains in persistent use, preluding its surprise return to a world championship format as part of the World Touring Car Championship.

With 157 corners and more than 26km in length, the 2015 WTCC round at Nordschleife is likely to prove one of the most challenging races in the series' history...