The starting grid for Sundays' A1GP Sprint race changed Sunday morning after the morning warm-up. Team South Africa lost its fastest qualifying lap time due to a "scrutineering technical infringement" and moved back to third place. This moved up Team France and Team Switzerland to the front row. France and Switzerland are first and second in the standings.

Team Brazil was also caught out and it moved from ninth to eleventh on the grid. Brazil is third in the standings, just two points ahead of Team Great Britain.

A1GP scrutineers were not available for comment, and neither was a spokes person for Team Brazil.

Team South Africa had a statement from CEO DANA COOPER. "While we do not accept that the supposed technical infringements were performance enhancing or outside the rules, we do accept the decision of the stewards and their authority.

"The post qualifying Scrutineering following the team's hard won first pole position, was the result of a rival team who were beaten into second place in qualifying bringing certain alleged technical infringements to the notice of Scrutineers.

"Our car was scrutineered after the third qualifying session and was found to be within the rules. "When it was again scrutineered after the fourth and final session as a result of the other team's complaint, it was found to be outside the rules."

"The technical infringements included the presence of a nut securing the tail light that was deemed not to be an official Lola-supplied item (Lola are the manufacturers of the A1 chassis). In addition, a piece of tape securing a bolt to the front wind end-plate (which is acceptable) was deemed to be obscuring a wing adjustment opening (which is not acceptable. The tape was there as a result of our losing the front wing in Indonesia when the bonding failed while we were lying in a good position in the sprint race. As a result we had to start from the back of the grid in the feature race."

Another change on the grid involved the driver change for Team China. It switched its Nominated driver from MA QINGHUA to TENGI JIANG, and Jiang will start last after the team qualified twentieth. The switch is permitted as both drivers had completed more than three timed laps in an official practice session and were within 102 percent of the overall fastest time set by its Team in Qualifying.

Sunday's weather was heavily overcast and cool, quite a contrast from Saturday's bright and warm sunny weather.

The sprint race will be 18 laps and have a rolling start. The feature race will be 36 laps and have a standing start.



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