The Laguna Seca round of the A1 Grand Prix, due for this coming weekend, was briefly scrapped and teams told to stay home. The move, the latest setback in the self-proclaimed 'World Cup of Motorsport,' would have meant the championship title was decided had it not been reversed 24 hours later...

The cancellation of the Laguna Seca round which had been due to be confirmed by the organisers, would have meant that A1 Grand Prix Team France took their easiest victory of the year - winning the title - with the points available in the proposed final round in Shanghai insufficient for second-placed Team Switzerland to overtake France.

However, the series organisers took the unusual step of going back on their earlier decision and the event is now officially 'on'.

Rumours of financial difficulties have plagued the championship, which pitches nation against nation, since almost its very inception, culminating in a crisis meeting at the South African round in Durban.

Whilst last weekend's round of the championship in Mexico was heavily promoted and well-backed, doubts about the Laguna Seca event were evident for some time with Team USA sitting in a lowly seventeenth place in the championship and not really capturing the imagination of the country.

The Laguna round of the championship still has to take place and the possibility that the proposed final round of the championship in Shanghai takes place is also put in dount. China's relationship with motorsport has been somewhat variable with the cancellation of Australian V8 Supercar Series events in 2004 and then for this forthcoming season just two examples of events not going ahead.

A1 Grand Prix CEO and founder Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum met the Mayor of Shanghai, Yang Xiao Du, two weeks ago and it is believed that the backing is in place for the event to take place.

Sheikh Maktoum, however, was not present at the last round of the championship in Mexico and reference to him on the series official website seems to have diminished.



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