A1 Team Mexico plans to hold its A1GP lead, through driver Salvador Duran, with an attacking policy in this weekend's fourth round at Sepang in Malaysia - which it will start with a slim two-point lead over the German team.

"Now we are going, ready for the next race in Malaysia: We have the responsibility to maintain the lead, winning races and keep achieving podiums," said Duran. "I think the team is in good shape. We want to solve all the problems that we have had and we hope that the bad luck from the feature race at Beijing, will not be repeated again. We only want to repeat the podiums and keep collecting points.

"We will not think that we are leading the point standings, we will think that we are hungry for winning and we will get as much points as possible according to our abilities," he continued.

"I don't know the track. Therefore, it is going to be harder. Last year Luis Diaz raced for Mexico there. I am looking forward to be at Sepang and I want to win for the first time this season. I know the feeling since I won a couple of races last season and I want that feeling back again."

Meanwhile, test driver Sergio Perez will again participate in the rookie session:

"To me, it is an honour to be back with the Mexican team and now that they are leading, it is even more important to me and I hope if they keep doing well, they will get the championship. It is going to be very hard to clinch it, but it can be done."

"I want to thank my sponsors and the A1 Mexican Team for this opportunity and I am going to take advantage of it to get experience during the rookie practice and also, I am going to provide as much information as possible," he added.



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