Following a difficult weekend A1 Team Netherlands left Malaysia with two points, after Jeroen Bleekemolen finished seventh in the Sprint race and ninth in a spectacular Feature.

Starting from sixth on the grid, Bleekemolen finished just outside the points in the 10 lap Sprint race, before a downpour soaked the circuit - delaying the 28 lap Feature race, which eventually started behind the safety car, by ten minutes.

Bleekemolen had started from seventh but soon struck engine problems, with his V8 only running on seven cylinders. There was also an incident with Team Canada, that pushed Team Netherlands into a spin, costing them a position. Nevertheless, Bleekemolen survived it all to finish in the points.

"In the Feature race we had an engine problem, that was not running on all cylinders. I think this already started quite early in the race," he confirmed. "After that I just had to fight for what I was worth. We also had not enough grip, not enough traction, but with an engine problem it is impossible to drive up front. That was a shame. In the end we can only be pleased to take two points.

"Out on track it was outrageous in the beginning, you could not see anything. You had to take a gamble where to lift of on the straights. I had no idea where I was driving, I've never experienced anything that bad."

"As it started to rain we thought we would be able to score, but this time the engine failed on us," sighed Jan Lammers. "We don't know yet how serious the problem in the beginning of the race was, but towards the end we had a major problem. We are lucky to still take two points. The guys again had a fantastic pitstop, second fastest behind Great Britain. That is now just going very well. As far as set up is concerned we must move forward. We are happy with a number of things, not with the end result. These were difficult conditions to really judge where the problem with set up is and how bad it is."

A1 Team Netherlands now sits eighth in the championship.



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