Despite spinning on his formation lap and then stalling during his one and only pit stop, Niko Hulkenberg nonetheless proved exactly why A1 Team Germany gambled on his services for their second year in the series with a dominant display of wet weather driving at Sepang.

Adding to his victory at a similarly wet Zandvoort, Hulkenberg was unmatched in the treacherous conditions of the feature, even if he did aquaplane off the circuit when coming round to the line-up on the grid.

Starting second courtesy of his position in an otherwise uneventful sprint race, Hulkenberg slipped past pole sitter Neel Jani after just four turns and went onto extend his lead at a remarkable rate, adding almost two seconds to his lead each lap, creating a 17 second lead after just ten laps of racing.

Stalling during his pit stop did cost the 19-year-old time midway through the race, but he continued to prove easily the quickest driver on the circuit as the clock timed down to the chequered flag.

Eventually, Hulkenberg maintained his scintillating pace to the finish line, even if the fastest lap status he had held for the majority of the race was bettered on the final lap by both Enrico Toccacelo and Alex Yoong for Italy and Malaysia in ever-improving conditions.

Winning by a clear 42 seconds, Hulkenberg's win puts Germany six points up on Great Britain in the standings, with the youngster thrilled to have prevailed in such difficult circumstances.

"I'm ecstatic about the second victory. More rain fell before the feature race than I have ever seen in my life. On my warm-up lap I had serious aquaplaning on the straights in second gear at only 50 kph, some of the opposition were already in the gravel traps.

"I easily passed Neel Jani once the race was started. Out team did a super pit stop, but the engine stalled as I was pulling away. I pushed really hard immediately afterwards so I didn't lose concentration. With a 40 second lead there wasn't a single car in sight. It's fantastic that everything went so well and that Germany leads the points standings again."



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