Sean McIntosh has had his best lap struck from his aggregate time after being judged to have blocked Brazil's Tuka Rocha in qualifying for the fifth round of A1 Grand Prix, even if the Canadian will retain his ninth on the grid.

The winner of last year's race, McIntosh was judged to have unnecessarily blocked Rocha's final flying lap, something that contributed to the team qualifying way down in 19th place.

Indeed, Brazil's qualifying result was a disappointment considering Rocha had been fifth fastest in practice and was looking for a spot inside the top ten for the grid. However, while Rocha was frustrated to be blocked on his best lap, he was more worried about the seeming drop off in pace of his car compared to the morning.

"We had new tyres in practice this morning when I set my fastest lap so it was not a true position which we knew. But I didn't expect it to be so bad in qualifying. I just couldn't get anymore out of the car.

"We were setting the same times as in practice this morning, but it just shows that we really need to improve. We had the problem with Canada blocking us on the last lap when I was on new tyres, which didn't help, but we need to develop this car."

Emerson Fittipaldi was equally despondent about the situation, although he was more scacthing of McIntosh's actions.

"I've only just arrived at the circuit today so I haven't been involved in the meetings so far, but I am very disappointed that we didn't have the right set-up and that we were blocked by Team Canada on our last qualifying lap. The guy didn't look in the mirror and Tuka was there on new tyres for his final lap so we lost out there.

"But the car set-up is not looking great and we have to improve the whole team. We're two seconds off and that is something that seriously needs to be solved."



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